Our Product

Current Collector Trolleys

MINI ATOLLO 40-60 Ampere

ATOLLO 70-100-140-200 Ampere



Wheel block with end carridges



Galvi ¡®pc¡¯ disc brake

Galvi ¡¯stop soft¡¯ buffers

Electro Hydraulic Thrusters

Galvi ¡®N¡¯ drum brake

Hoists With Stand (DM 800MAX ¨C DT 950MAX)

Hoists With Bracket And Champ (DM 100 E)

Hoisting And Pulling Winches (DM 200APQ ¨C DT 200APQ)


JDN MINI Manipulator

JDN Low Headroom Trolleys

JDN Ultra-Low Monorail Hoists

JDN Monorail Air Hoists

MaxPull 15.0 MT

MaxPull 10.0 MT

MaxPull 5.0 MT

MaxPull 3.0 MT

Custom Design Cable Reeling Drums

Jupiter Cable Reeling Drums

Star Cable Reeling Drums

Galaxy Cable Reeling Drums

Light Crane System

Festoon Systems

Conveyor Systems


DM 300APQ - DT 500APQ

DM 300APQ - DT 300APQ

DM 200APQ - DT 200APQ

DD 500 - DD 1000

Low Headroom Hoist

Normal Headroom Hoist

Foot Mounted Hoist


W Series

WR Series

Low Headroom Series

Single Phase W Series

Porta-Davit 500



SAGA1-L40 (Transmitter Unit)

SAGA1-L40 (Receiver Unit)

SAGA1-L10-1 (Transmitter Unit)

SAGA1-L10-1 (Receiver Unit)

Mike-X (Explosion Proof)

SPA (Explosion Proof)

Limitex AP (Explosion Proof)

Limitex AG (Explosion Proof)


Transfer Car

Goods Hoist

Monorail Crane

Spark Resistant Trolley

Spark Resistant Lever Hoist

Spark Resistant Fixed Jaw Beam Clamp With Shackle

Spark Resistant Combination Unit

Growa Crane

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